ProjectsLiving in harmony with nature is very important.

8. January 2020

The architectural concept of the Dubičný potok project respects the surrounding environment, and given the appropriately selected materials and colours, it helps to create a unified visual character of the urban environment.

With the pleasant scale, residential houses will offer a wide selection of 1 to 4-bedroom flats and each room has its balcony, loggia or terrace, or a combination thereof. Large French windows connect the apartment with loggias and terraces, creating a bright interior and a feeling of connection to outdoor greenery. Colours and materials of the houses will be clean and simple. Thin-layer façade with ochre vertical strips will be the most significant element of this apartment building. The combination of white and steel exterior railings give the building a light feeling, fitting perfectly into the surrounding environment.

We pay particular attention to sustainable architecture and to minimize the environmental footprint. As a part of our ecological approach, the important element in the project is replacing classical roofs with green roofs, which will add to the attractiveness of the residential zone. Another attribute of sustainable construction will be an underground parking that does not disturb the surface of the place. Therefore, it gives more space for green and relaxation areas that will play an important role in the Dubičný potok project.