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Residential projects

In the residential projects segment, we aim to provide high-quality solutions that are appealing to people and bring pleasure. We attend each project individually, sensitively perceiving the place and expectations of future residents. We create spaces for a loving home and good investments. A place that will always offer more. More public spaces, more playgrounds, more green solutions, more community spaces, more pleasant sunny mornings and more pleasure in life. Our projects have an urban character and the ambition to become a cultivated and popular part of the city.

Commercial projects

Commercial projects depend on clients’ needs and current trends. Our main intention is to offer administrative and business premises that meet user’s expectations, looking for an inspiring and creative environment. A place that understands individuals and their needs above all else – thus offering the opportunity to use modern technologies and new generation solutions. Bringing just another office and business place to the market simply won’t do for us. We are working on solutions that transform artificial walls of modern buildings into living spaces aspiring to change working duty into a pleasure of resolving new tasks, a pleasure of meeting up with colleagues, an opportunity for work and community activities. Complex space to live every day to the fullest, to meet new challenges – a space for personal fulfilment and corporate success.

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01234567890012345678900123456789001234567890+sold flatsIn the completed development projects of our group, we have provided spaces for homes for more than 1500 of our clients. We will develop another 1900 apartments in our new projects.
0123456789001234567890 012345678900123456789001234567890m01234567890+sold and leased commercial spacesBy 2026, STY-X company is planning to lease another 75000 m2 of commercial spaces in their upcoming new projects.
012345678900123456789001234567890+constructions in the ST groupDuring 30 years of operation, the group has implemented more than 500 civil and industrial construction projects with many of them winning domestic and foreign awards.
01234567890 countriesSlovakia, Czech Republic, HungaryIn addition to Slovakia, our development activities have expanded to Czech Republic and Hungary.

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