ProjectsThe DUBIČNÝ POTOK project is progressing

15. November 2021

construction site work is currently focusing on the construction of an underground car park. The car park will be located in the basement level under of the residential project. Thanks to this, residents can use an elevator or stairs to all residential floors, without the need to enter cold, rainy or too hot weather. The project also thought about a sustainable ecological way of transport and the project will include a spacious covered parking lot for bicycles.

The implementation of the rough construction also began, in the form of building particular sections of the first floor. On the ground floor there will be small groceries, shops, a cafe, services and for the little ones there will be a kindergarten.

The residential project will also focus on the surroundings of apartment buildings, which will result in green roofs and inner blocks full of grass, shrubs, greenery and trees. High greenery in particular is very important for cooling and in the summer it helps to maintain a better climate in the entire apartment complex. In addition, communal areas with greenery have a positive effect on the formation and maintenance of social ties between residents.