ProjectsNEW RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT in České Budějovice

27. July 2020

Housing full of greenery

We do not want to build just a nice residential project with pleasant living, greenery and nature right behind the house. We also want to create a place for life, where living and raising kids is a pure pleasure. A place, where you gladly say: We live here.

Dubičný potok is a unique residential project bringing a living in České Budějovice into a new dimension. Residential project Dubičný potok will transform a current brownfield and unused, hidden natural beauties into a modern, lively, and pleasant new zone. Dubičný potok is divided into six stages offering together more than 1500 apartments, small stores, useful services, sports opportunities for kids as well as adults, and community activities.

As a part of the newly emerging zone Nové Budějovice with six above-ground floors in Block D, residential homes will offer its owners a high standard of living. Main goal of the project is to bring not only housing, but to also create a real place for life, which led into the creation of large, green courtyards.

Modern 6-storey apartment buildings respecting the surrounding environment are part of the “living in harmony with nature“ concept. Underground parking and green courtyards will provide their residents with enough privacy to relax and unwind.

Focus of this residential project is to bring green areas into city life and thus create a pleasant space for living, sports and leisure activities. Kindergarten, playground, workout space for adults, a park with ornamental plantings, benches, sidewalks, the nearby stream Dubičný potok, coffeehouses or lovely sitting areas in the middle of greenery, under the shadow of trees. 1. Stage of the Dubičný potok project in České Budějovice will bring all of this to its residents to provide a comfortable living. The sales are planned to start together with the construction in the first quarter of 2020.