ProjectsDubičný potok in České Budějovice is about to start

17. August 2020

After a long period of preparations, the project Dubičný potok is slowly entering an implementation phase – stage I. After finishing demolition and design work, we are currently working hard on preparations for construction and other activities that enable us to start the 1. Stage of the construction on Dubičný potok’s project with more than 200 flats.

Our goal is to start the construction in the first quarter of 2020. By this date, we also plan to launch the presentation and start selling. I. stage of the Dubičný potok project is situated by the Vrbenská street, close to the public transport station.

These days we attend to every detail, thanks to which Dubičný potok will not only bring housing, but also a home and pleasure, described in words: We live here. So everyone, who cares about a nice life, finds a real home in the city and yet in a green environment.